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Traditional Products

A very important part of the cultural heritage of Lefkada is its traditional cuisine and its traditional products.
Honey from thyme which grows in Dragano and Athani, pasteli and mantolato, soumada( refreshment from bitter almond), liqueur like rozoli, mint, rose, traditional ladopitta (oil pie), ladokouloura (oil rolls), oil from the perennial olives, avgotaracho from lagoon’s ivari, white and red wine are products from the land of Lefkada.

Especially, wine which is produced from a rare variety of “berjami” or barzamino, (which was probably brought from Venetians in 1684) and cultivated in the Municipality of Sfakiotes, Karya, Apollon and Ellomenos of 200 m to 700 m altimeter, is considered one of the best varieties of our country.

Other varieties of Lefkaditian wine is giomatari, black sweet, keropati, white and lagkero, soft and mild wine. The viniculture from ancient years was one of the most profitable and favorite agricultural occupations, mainly on the highlands and less on the plain side of the island. Many ancient writers were referring to the Lefkaditian wine like, Plinios, the senior (23-79 bc) and Athineos (160-250 ac) in his work “Deipnosophistae”.

In Lefkada, the Union of Agricultural Association was founded in 1915 with the name TAOL, offering exclusively products from Lefkada like red and white wines produced mainly from the grape varieties “Vardea” and “Berjami” as well as the finest virgin olive oil.

The fishes and the sea products of Ionian Sea are also of the finest quality.

The visitor is astonished by the local handicrafts, textiles and well known Lefkaditian needleworks of unique beauty. Karya’s needleworks, well known as “Karsaniki velonia” (stitch) are exquisite, with a special artistry compared with any other place in Greece. It is an art created exclusively from the women of Karya, which was also took its name.

You can, as well admire the knitting of dentelle usually white in different sizes, even for blankets with designs, originated from the Byzantine period.

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